UAA Science Laboratory Safety Policies, Procedures and Templates

Chemical SOP Form UAA EHS Policies and Proceedures (entire collection)
Hazard Communications Standard (Template Example)      Most Applicable to Laboratory Workers
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan (Template Example)          HAZARD COMMUNICATIONS       .doc          .pdf
Automatic External Defibulator Program Plan          LABORATORY SAFETY STANDARDS       .doc          .pdf  
Radioactive Waste Policies and Procedures          SAFETY COLOR CODING        .doc          .pdf
               USE OF CHEMICAL CARCINOGENS       .doc          .pdf
               BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS       .doc          .pdf
              HOUSEKEEPING & MATERIAL STORAGE       .doc          .pdf
                  STORAGE OF FLAMMABLES & COMBUSTIBLES       .doc          .pdf
               PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT       .doc          .pdf
                  HAZARDOUS MATERIAL MANAGEMENT       .doc          .pdf
                  LABORATORY SAFETY MANAGEMENT       .doc          .pdf
              EMERGENCY EVACUATIONS       .doc          .pdf
              DISPOSAL OF MEDICAL & INFECTIOUS WASTE       .doc          .pdf
           Chemical Hygiene Plan               http   .doc      .docx        .pfd