1. QUESTION: Can I order laboratory supplies on my Procard?

1. ANSWER:     Non-hazardous and non-regulated supplies can be ordered on Procard. However, it is always a good idea to check with Laboratory Support as there may be existing or overstocked supplies available at significant savings. Chemicals cannot be ordered on Procard. Instead contact Maury Riner at 786-1279 or for your chemical needs. Radioactive material including sources for instruments must go through the Radiation Safety Officer, John Moore at 786-1268 or Biological organisms requiring Biosafety cabinets of level 2 or higher and recombinant DNA material requires the approval of EHS at 786-1351 or The reason for these controls is to maintain compliance with the various federal, state, and local codes and provide efficient redistribution of surplus material.


2. QUESTION: Who do I report an injury to?

2. ANSWER: Render first aid if qualified. For serious injuries call 911 immediately and time permitting, contact UPD at 786-1120.  For non-serious student injuries, refer the student to the Student Health Clinic. In all cases, complete an incident report found at . That form can be copied to Laboratory Support and Environmental Health and Safety for secure storage as they often contain private or confidential material. Employees requiring professional medical attention beyond first aid are covered under Workers Compensation and forms and directions are available from the System Office of Risk Services at 785-7755. Students are not covered by university insurance programs and are responsible for their own insurance needs as stated in the Student Handbook.